Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday was one of those teaser Springtime In The Rockies kind of days. We hit 80 degrees for the first time in too long (only to have it turn today and be in the high 50s and rain).

That's okay, though.

Our gang was out in force soaking up the morning. As DH mowed, the kiddos got to run like mad, play ball, help me garden, scream like little banshees and catch some rays.

Good Day, Sunshine!


Carmen O. said...

The kids look so cute out there, and what a great day to run and play!

We had a teaser day yesterday too! And then rain and snow today! We still haven't topped 50, but we were feeling the rays yesterday for the first time. And tonight is the first orange sunset. :) AAAAHHHHHH. love love love

Karen Hartzell, Graco said...

Love it! We had a beauty of a day too! Scooters, push cars and hopscotch all around!

Bren said...

CUTE little banshee's runnin' around. "Usually" makes for a good nights sleep when they get to run and run. Hope that was true! Luv ya!


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