Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Believe ...

We are right where we are supposed to be.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've Got 2 Words...

Nerd Alert!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MomTV's Adoption Angles With Heather T. Forbes!

Adoption Angles on MomTV

It's Wednesday and you know what that means, right? You'll be hanging with me at 9PM EST over on MomTV's Adoption Angles! Joining us tonight is none other than THE Heather T. Forbes.. In my circles, this amazing woman is a rock star. From her web site:

Heather T. Forbes, LCSW has trained in the field of trauma and attachment with nationally recognized, first-generation attachment therapists since 1999. Co-author of "Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control: A Love-based Approach for Helping Children With Severe Behaviors Vol. 1", author of Vol 2 as well as the new "Dare To Love", Heather lectures, consults, and coaches parents and professionals throughout the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Much of her experience and insight on understanding trauma, disruptive behaviors, and adoption related issues has come from her most important job, being the mother of her two children (both adopted as toddlers from Russia and both of whom had intense traumatic histories).

I am truly honored Ms. Forbes is going to grace our show with her presence and answer our questions. A really cool aspect of MomTV is that it's really user friend and so easy to join the chat room. From the Adoption Angles channel click where it says “Click Here to Enter Chat.” If you have a account, enter your username and password. If you don't have an account NO WORRIES, just make up a name and “enter your name to chat" .. and you're on!! Easy Schmeasy!

THIS is MUST SEE TV and we'll see you all tonight!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Sincere Thank You..

From the bottom of my heart. I am humbled and so grateful to be surrounded by such an amazing group of family and friends. All your kind words and prayers have been felt and are so very much appreciated. I wish I could hug each and every one of you back and please know ya'll are another blessing I am counting.

Thank you so much.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sad News...

I got the call this morning from Hospice.. Daddy passed away at 11:00am. His health had been declining over the last few weeks and I was getting updates almost daily on his condition. Although not a surprise it is still a very sad day nonetheless. I phoned "The Son" (whom I haven't spoken with in forever) and let him know. It was the appropriate thing to do. He broke down and my heart ached for his loss, as well.

For all of you who followed our journey, thank you for all your kind words and prayers along the way. For you that may have missed it, you can find the saga in the "Best Of Full Circle".

It was a heck of a ride..

I'm trying to focus on the blessings.. there are so many. After 25 years we were reunited, I got to visit him on several occasions, look him in the eye and forgive him and I got to say goodbye (just to name a few).

God bless you, Daddy. I hope Uncle Mel and all your loved ones were there to greet you (and you can dance and sing once again). I will miss you always..

Your Little Seesa

Perfect Moment Monday

Absolute silence. Cup of coffee. Fuzzy robe. God's handiwork.


I Capture
Perfect Moments.

Friday, January 22, 2010

9 Days To Go..

.. and our foster hiatus is over! February 1st our name is officially back on "The Board". I spoke with one of our fav workers the other day (discussing the count down) and she laughed, asking if we thought we were ready to hit the ground running and jump back into the trenches..


As I have mentioned before, placements are truly few and far between nowadays. The county is working doubly hard to locate viable family and friends to place the children with. It's truly the best thing for the kiddos and honestly, we're glad they leave no stone unturned. I can say without hesitation the workers in our county go above and beyond to reunify and it's just another reason why I am proud to be a foster parent. We may never adopt and we're okay with that. At the end of the day, just being "a bridge" is still living a life you can hang your hat on.

I know Mama would be proud, as well.

So Monday the 1st we go back to an active status and just watch.. it'll be six months before we get "The Call".

Or not.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Missed The Show Last Night?

No worries... you can replay it now! Grab a coffee, kick back and enjoy!

Make sure to head over to Amy's blog (Amstel Life) and let her know how awesome you think she is!

Next week my guest will be the amazing Heather Forbes from the Beyond Consequences Institute!! A must see for anyone who has an adopted child (via any avenue) or considering adoption. Her methods are tauted amongst the adoption community as ground breaking and a new way of thinking.

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adoption Angles Premiers Tonight On MomTV!

What are you doing tonight at 9PM EST?? You're joining us for the big premier, that's what!!

Adoption Angles on MomTV

What's it all about, anyway? Adoption (all avenues) and the amazing people whose lives have been touched by it.

Why should I tune in? Because if you don't I'll blog about you the next day.

I'm OVER THE TOP THRILLED to announce my very first guest is the lovely Amy from Amstel Life. In her mere 23 years (I can say that being 40, ya know) she has had to make some big decisions .. including handling an unplanned pregnancy in high school. Today she is a proud birth mommy, college graduate, a mentor and a proponent of open adoptions (just to name a few)..

Come hear her story!

One of the rad parts about MomTV is it's interactive.. not only will you see and hear us on live streaming web chat but you can also text us during the show. We're happy to answer (MOST) questions... ahem..

Don't forget.. 9pm EST tonight (that's 6pm for all you west coasties!!) hop on over to Adoption Angles and join Amy and me for a fun filled half hour!

Cocktails Optional!!

(P.S. If you, or someone you know, has been touched by adoption and would like to be a guest on the show, please drop me an email at

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Toot!!

This Tuesday Toot goes out to all of the amazing guests scheduled to appear on my new show (Adoption Angles) premiering on MomTV tomorrow night! I consider it a privilege to have met these amazing women touched by adoption and an honor for them to come on my show to share their stories. You all will get to meet these inspirational ladies in the coming months..

I'm truly humbled..

Monday, January 18, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday

I think some perfect moments can be found in the simple things. I really enjoy cooking and just recently started making big batches of breakfast burritos on Sundays for DH to take to work throughout the week. For me, it's like blogging or gardening in the summertime..

ie: cheap therapy.

My Perfect Moment was cooking in the kitchen.. happy as a clam, totally enjoying myself...

... with a little help from my friend...

I Capture
Perfect Moments.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Extraordinary Measures ~ Our Night (& Review!)

Thanks to our fab-u friends at CBS4DENVER this past Wednesday night Missy and I (see us?) had the wonderful opportunity to:

1) Meet one of my Twitter Stalkees (the ever-patient) Misty Montano from CBS4..

2) Hang with local celebs like Karen Leigh and Greg Moody (okay, "Hang" is a huge stretch.. but we did sit behind Ms. Leigh and she's darling)..

3) See John Crowley and Brendan Fraser (who portrays Crowley in the film) in person..

4) Learn some trivia and can now confidently answer my 2nd most asked question: Yes, Mr. Fraser is tall - 6'3" (and still oh so swoon-worthy)..

5) Pay tribute to local heroes (including Dr. Dixie of The Adoption Exchange)..

6) Have the film introduced by Crowley and Fraser..

7) Review an amazing movie a week before it hits theaters..

Extraordinary Measures (starring Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser and *Highlands Ranch, CO's very own* Keri Russell)

from the website:
"...inspired by the true story of John Crowley, a man who defied conventional wisdom and great odds, and risked his family’s future to pursue a cure for his children’s life threatening disease.."

The film asks the question.. what would you be willing to sacrifice to save the life of your child? In the Crowleys' case, they have not one but two children suffering from the fatal Pompee Disease.

I went to the movie purposefully not knowing the full back story. I had seen the trailers but wanted the film to tell me the tale. I'm glad I did.. and that is the reason why I will not reveal the rest of the story. What I will pass along is a little insight Mr. Crowley shared during the introduction. He wanted us to know that Meredith Droeger's performance (of his daughter Megan Crowley) completely nailed her sassy personality. It wasn't Hollywood writers creating an interesting character.. his little girl was just that vibrant and outgoing.

He also mentioned the song at the end of the film would make perfect sense. Indeed, Mr. Crowley, indeed.

SO, what's my final answer? CBS Films knocked it out of the park with this, their first release. Go see Extraordinary Measures (in theaters Jan 22nd).

Bring tissue.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Leave Comments, Help Haiti!

Please go visit Alicia at Life's A Journey .. leave a comment and help Haiti!

Please Stand By..

I apologize for not posting here lately.. between the regular spin that is my life and coming down with a cold I have slacked. I've got some very cool stuff going on and will post tomorrow.. I promise!

Happy Friday (or Saturday depending on where you are), Ya'll!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Red Carpet Event!

Missy (Auntie MooMoo) and I are headed down to Denver this afternoon for a pretty a special event.. a screening of Extraordinary Measures starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford.


A BIG THANK YOU to our wonderful friends at CBS4DENVER for this fantastic opportunity!! Although our tickets are reserved, it's still first come first serve.. we're hoping (and praying) we arrive in time to get our seats!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Christmas Call ~ An Update

A few weeks back I wrote about our Christmas Call from the county. Although not a match, our worker wanted us to be contacted just the same. Hers was a horrific story that brought me to sobbing tears.

I am pleased to report not only did a foster home equipped to handle her issues step up and agree to take her, but a family friend came forward as well. She was placed with someone she knows and trusts. They have a long, hard road ahead but the healing process has begun...

Prayers answered. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sit Down, Shut Up & Hold On..

.. As my Daddy used to say..

I wrote the post Driving Miss Daisy soon after we became certified. It's about how my life is like an awesome road trip and God is at the wheel. Just when you think you know where you're going -Kapow!- you're headed in a completely different direction. During the drive it's often difficult to understand why the particular road was chosen but the destination never fails being just that much better than you could of ever imagined. It takes faith and the ability to hand it over.

Gassing up the tank..

2009 was one trip for the record books. As much as we loved the twins and deeply desired for them to stay, that was not His plan. We were a bridge between what was (a really crummy past) to what can and will be (a bright future filled with love and stability). They were meant to be here with us for those 8 months, there's no doubt about it. Even their family acknowledges they needed that time to grow and catch up to their peers. Hearing how awesome they are doing now just confirms The Plan and helps give final closure. Now rested (mentally and physically) we're readying for a new adventure.

Buckling up...

I was told by our worker the county is cracking down even harder on reunification and kinship placements. In the not so distant future, adoption will be a minor miracle. Honestly, we agree and think that if viable family or friends can be found (that are able and willing to step up) that's the way it should be. If not, well, that's why we're here.

Let's roll..

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A SortaKindaMaybe Call

One of our workers called yesterday to touch base. Amongst other things, she asked if we were ready to become active again. I told her we were still thinking of waiting until the beginning of February to be put back up on the board. That being said, we would be interested in talking if a good match (or big emergency) comes up. I reminded her she knows us (and our hearts) so well that we trust her to keep her ear to the ground and us in mind if a placement comes up (even though we're on "hiatus").

Come to find out, she already had..

We chatted for a bit and she mentioned there was a 2 year old we may get called on. She had a gut feeling it may be a good match and gave our name and number to the worker on the case earlier in the day. At this point it's a total long shot.. a very slim chance we will get called but she passed along our info just the same. We should hear soon..

Or not..

Holding breath.. stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snug As A ...

.. Doberman and his Hedgie? WHA??

That's 75lbs of pure lovebug right thar..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My First Award Of 2010!

This lovely honor was bestowed upon my lil ole blog by my dear friend SocialWrkr24/7 at Eyes Opened Wider. She is a 20-something social worker trying to make the world a better place one child at a time. Please check out her blog when you have a chance.. she's totally Duckie! (Sorry doll, I couldn't help myself..).

Seriously, she is awesome.. surf on over and give her a big, Full Circle, "Howdy Do!" ..

As with all good blog awards, there are rules and an opportunity to "pay it forward" - which is easily my favorite part of these awards! So, write 10 things that make you happy and try to do at least one today! Then, give this award to 10 bloggers who make you happy - and make sure you tell them to come collect their award! If you receive the award, don't forget to link back to the one who gave it to you!

10 things that make me happy:

1. Being a Foster Mama.
2. Spending time with family and friends.
3. Making DH laugh out loud.
4. Reconnecting with old friends.
5. Blogging.
6. Enjoying a perfect glass of Merlot after a long day.
7. Reading a good book (and actually finishing it!).
8. Films that move and inspire me.
9. Sleeping in.
10. Snow Days.

10 blogs that make me happy (go check them out!):

1. Quiet Intuitiveness
2. Dragondreamer's Lair
3. Telling Dad
4. Mountain Momma
5. Life Goes On And On And On
6. Parenthood For Me
7. Amstel Life
8. The Greer 5
9. Life's A Journey
10. Please Don't Juggle Your Vegetables!!

Thanks again for my lovely award!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday

This past weekend was chock full of Perfect Moments. We went snowmobiling with my sissy and brother in law (aka "Auntie Moo/Missy & Uncle Kiwi") and boy howdy, did we have a blast.

The scenery was spectacular..

Our Fearless Leader (aka: DH) got us up, down and around Snowy Range safely. He dug each of us out more times than I care to discuss.. The man is a saint..

Kiwi and Missy braved the c-c-cold..

And I did my very best to capture the memories..

In addition to the awesome sledding, we ate way too much (thanks to Missy!), tossed a few back, did some hootin' and a hollerin' and had a Perfect time. I've gotta say, we're blessed to be related to our very best friends.

(Thank you, Nantie, for watching the herd 'o canines!!)

I Capture
Perfect Moments.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hang Loose

At 10,000 feet above sea level.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Creme de la Creme of 2009

It's New Years day and you know what that means? Mel's Creme de la Creme 2009 list is up! What is CDLC you ask?

In her words: For the fourth year running, the ALI community kicks off the new year by celebrating our best posts of the last year.

So what is the Creme de la Creme list if this is your first time here? It was started as a response to the many blogging awards that are given out each winter. I expanded the idea of presenting “the best” to include a post from every blog in the ALI (adoption/loss/infertility) world*. Every blogger has a personal best that deserves recognition. As editor of the list, I create the small blurbs after the title which serve as a doorway to the post. I hope they will help you find what you are seeking to read as well as show definitively the diversity of experience and emotion within the ALI community.

Grab your morning coffee and CLICK HERE TO ENJOY SOME AMAZING POSTS! Make sure to leave some comment love while you're at it!

Happy 2010, my dear friends!!!

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