Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Believe ...

We are right where we are supposed to be.


Ms.Christy said...

Yay!!! I LOVE it! I am so glad it turned out so well. I have never ordered a print...I can't wait for the room to be filled with kiddos! Love ya!

Melissa said...

It is beautiful, Christy!!

For anyone that wants to check out more of Christy's art, please go to her Zazzle store on her blog!!!

Sheri said...

What beautiful artwork!


Ms.Christy said...

Thanks Sheri!!!

Laurel said...

Ok, so...I've FINALLY read your entire blog. Whew - what a (mega interesting and heart-warming) ride!

I'm so sorry about the passing of your Dad. I'm so touched that you were able to connect and bring some peace, love and healing to your relationship.

I think you have one of the biggest hearts ever. There's something about you that just yanks me in. (Numerous thoughts and reasons as to why.)

Also, while reading your blog, I kept going - in my mind - to two little brothers that are in foster care, that I know (I know of their foster home and respite home...which is where I see them often). There is a 6 year old and a 2 year old. I despise their foster home - respite ROCKS. (Yes, they ARE safe and generally taken very good care of, especially the baby. They aren't in danger...nor do they lack care.) Because of the 6 year old's issues...he acts out often...and has been labelled with severe ADHD (which I completely disagree with!). He's just a sweet soul that has been through so much abuse (not to mention he was the 'parent'/'dad' to his little brother) and just wants to be wanted and loved. Breaks my freakin' heart, to say the least. And, all I can do is love on them as much as possible when I do see them...especially the 6 year old.

My point? I wish they had a home like YOURS to go to.

I'm thrilled to have come across your blog and am stoked to continue to read your journey!



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