Saturday, January 16, 2010

Extraordinary Measures ~ Our Night (& Review!)

Thanks to our fab-u friends at CBS4DENVER this past Wednesday night Missy and I (see us?) had the wonderful opportunity to:

1) Meet one of my Twitter Stalkees (the ever-patient) Misty Montano from CBS4..

2) Hang with local celebs like Karen Leigh and Greg Moody (okay, "Hang" is a huge stretch.. but we did sit behind Ms. Leigh and she's darling)..

3) See John Crowley and Brendan Fraser (who portrays Crowley in the film) in person..

4) Learn some trivia and can now confidently answer my 2nd most asked question: Yes, Mr. Fraser is tall - 6'3" (and still oh so swoon-worthy)..

5) Pay tribute to local heroes (including Dr. Dixie of The Adoption Exchange)..

6) Have the film introduced by Crowley and Fraser..

7) Review an amazing movie a week before it hits theaters..

Extraordinary Measures (starring Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser and *Highlands Ranch, CO's very own* Keri Russell)

from the website:
"...inspired by the true story of John Crowley, a man who defied conventional wisdom and great odds, and risked his family’s future to pursue a cure for his children’s life threatening disease.."

The film asks the question.. what would you be willing to sacrifice to save the life of your child? In the Crowleys' case, they have not one but two children suffering from the fatal Pompee Disease.

I went to the movie purposefully not knowing the full back story. I had seen the trailers but wanted the film to tell me the tale. I'm glad I did.. and that is the reason why I will not reveal the rest of the story. What I will pass along is a little insight Mr. Crowley shared during the introduction. He wanted us to know that Meredith Droeger's performance (of his daughter Megan Crowley) completely nailed her sassy personality. It wasn't Hollywood writers creating an interesting character.. his little girl was just that vibrant and outgoing.

He also mentioned the song at the end of the film would make perfect sense. Indeed, Mr. Crowley, indeed.

SO, what's my final answer? CBS Films knocked it out of the park with this, their first release. Go see Extraordinary Measures (in theaters Jan 22nd).

Bring tissue.

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