Friday, January 27, 2012

A Birthday Celebrated ~ A Birthday Grieved..

All in a 24 hour time span..

Yesterday, my darling SweetPee turned, "FREEEEE!!!"  As sassy and tantrum-filled as this time in her life is, dang she's adorable.  Tonight we will have a small family party in which she plans to, "Open pwesents, bwhoa out candles and eat cake.. blue cake..."

God, I love that girl.

Today would've been Matt's 49th birthday.  I'm trying to push past the gloom of sadness, not dwell on memories of the last 10 birthdays we've shared and really try to focus on the joy of living.  I cannot allow myself to get swallowed up by grief and truly look forward to our little gathering tonight. 

And the Merlot.


Bren said...

May I recommend Clois de Bois or Parkers Estate? Chateau St. Michelle is a fine choice too!!! Love You, Darlin'!!! Chin up.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

3 is such a fun (albeit challenging) age. Enjoy! I am praying for you! (((hugs)))

Rachie317 said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!

Sending you lots of virtual love over these next few bittersweet days. Xoxo



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