Saturday, October 30, 2010

DH's Magnet-ism

My hubs has been away on business for nearly two weeks. Typically, his destinations leave something to be desired. Casper, WY in the dead of winter winter? Check. Phoenix, AZ in the throws of summer? Oh yeah. The timing isn't just crummy season-wise, either. A few years back, he was in Albuquerque on our wedding anniversary. Visions of turquoise earrings danced in my head. In true DH style, this is what I got:

I'm fairly certain it was from an airport gift shop.

We actually got a great laugh out of it. Truth be told, I didn't get him a thing that year so a magnet trumps zilch, right?

Unlike previous trips, this time DH scored big. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, it was back-breaking, exhausting work that left little time to take in the sights.

He was supposed to fly out today but was able to finagle his way out last night. Although he did not disclose the gift he purchased for me, I texted him he had better take good care of my magnet. Sure enough, he walked in this morning with a little bag in hand and grin on his face:

Do I know my man or WHAT?

But wait.. there's more..

He snapped his fingers and said, "Hold on a sec.. I think there's something else" and goes back out to the car:

So much for knowing everything.

In the crazy that has been this past week, I've had a good reminder to stop and appreciate the blessings I have now. Not to obsess on what I hope will be. I have a wonderful family, a husband I adore, awesome friends, an amazing home and a darn good life. We're are healthy, happy and employed.

And my magnet ROCKS.


Kristin said...

Love the magnet and the other surprise.

Bren said...

OKAY, WHAT THE???? You never told ME that DH bought you another Coach bag! Damn, girl! I don't even have ONE! DH is allllllright in my book. But, the magnet still rocks!


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