Sunday, March 13, 2011

Looming Clouds...

Confident it would be warm all day on Saturday, I promised Little Buddy we would go for a bike ride in the afternoon. The morning was nice, but when the kids went down for quiet time, the clouds were spilling over the foothills.

Big, grey, rain filled clouds.

Determined to keep my word, we bundled up and headed out. Although our excursion was cut short (LB decided to turn around when it started to rain) we had a great time. He got to blow off steam, show off on his bike and (for the FIRST time all year) we all enjoyed FRESH air and the great outdoors.

My mind was spinning the adventures we'll have when the weather gets nice. More biking, ball play, afternoons at Gramsie and GramPaPa's lake. But I stop short and try not to get too far ahead of myself. Questions loom much like those clouds:

Where will they be by then?

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