Monday, March 7, 2011

A One-Two Punch Of A Week

Prior to last week we were seeing great progress. LB's fits were fewer and farther between and not lasting nearly as long. He was much more relaxed .. his whole demeanour was quite peaceful.

Then that went out the window.

Between last Monday and this past weekend he had not one but two visits that threw him for a loop. One was with a family member that causes great anxiety and another with a family friend.. in his old neighborhood. All in the name of "seeing how he processes..."

Total overload.

I get where the county is coming from, however, I am in total disagreement in the timing. It was way too much for him to handle in such a short period of time. I tried to make the rest of the weekend as calm and relaxing as possible (and family came by.. he loves that) but it's still an open wound that needs to heal. We've just taken five steps back.

Our poor Little Buddy.. sigh..


Carmen O. said...

Wow. Do they not take into consideration your own understanding and insight into him?

Penelope said...

Visits have always been so hard on the kids. I request that they be on Friday afternoons to give the weekend for recovery.


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