Thursday, May 26, 2011


During LittleBuddy's HellaWeek, DH was away on business. In the middle of his raging I was feeling rather alone, however, looking back we both agree that it was best that Daddy wasn't around. LB is more reserved around hubs and he needed to let it all hang out (boy, did he ever).

Upon his triumphant return, rad gifts were presented...

LB wanted sand from the beach. Not only did he get sand, there's magic little shells in there, too (uuhh, look close)..

SweetPea is fascinated by fish. Her, "Bish in wawa!!" keeps her mesmerized for hours...

What was my gift? Why a

Of course!

I'm happy to report things have settled down significantly. LB has purged the latest round of demons and seems "lighter". We're back to our old, fairly drama-free routine. It's wonderful having Daddy home and things are as they should be.


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