Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Steps & Hungry Bears

Yesterday I started back to work.. just 1/2 days for now.  I thank God continuously for the blessing of wonderful, understanding bosses and coworkers.  Between the bronchitis and grief, I'm beyond exhausted and far from 100%.  Literally taking a shower in the morning about wipes me out.  But I went in yesterday and stayed until noon.  I've worked there 15 years and honestly thought I would be okay, but it was harder (emotionally) than I had anticipated.  After the initial bout of tears and encouragement from my dear workmate, I got through the morning.

Baby Steps.

In other news.. due to a funky smell, I left the trash can outside last night (completely forgetting what time of year it is).  This morning Little Buddy and I found this:

B-B-B-B-Bear (as my family often jokes).  It goes back to a story from a few years ago of Matt and his Close Encounter ...  So, instead of dropping the kiddos off at daycare and heading in to work this morning, I got to go back home and scoop trash.  Did I mention it was strewn across the yard?

My Bad.

The good news is Little Buddy declared he will no longer run outside when he gets into trouble.  I'm thinking bear season will be year round in our parts..


Kristin said...

Glad some benefit was reaped from the mess made by the bear.


Anonymous said...

but the grass looks nice and green


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