Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello? Is This Thing On?!?

Sorry for the recent blog neglect.. just trying to find my way through this "new normal". Things here are actually going really well, all things considered. I've pulled way back on LittleBuddy's therapy sessions and he is returning to his sweet, silly self. Seriously, we know Daddy is gone... no need to reopen that wound every.single.week.  Gah!

In other news..
The Raffle:
From GSG Customs Facebook Fan Page:
We had an amazing turn out over 100 people in the shop and we had 181 people watching online! I would like to give thanks to ComposiMo Fabrication, Ice House Tavern for all the support!

James, Me and the Tonka Toy:

Now here are the winners :
Chris Johnson - won "Tonka Toy"
Philip Saraff - won a complete GY6 motor swap for his ruckus
Tim Nichols - GSG Hoodie
Deanne Fujiooto - GSG Hoodie
Nathan Mielnik - GSG Hoodie
Mark Holcomb - GSG Hoodie
Aaron Carlock - $25.00 gift card to The Ice House Tavern
Mellisa Moringlo - $25.00 gift card to The Ice House Tavern

Us in action that night:

One more time.. A HUGE, "THANK YOU!!!" to everyone that participated, donated, got the word out and to Lizzie.. who got me home safely. :)


cloudmaster said...

Glad to hear you are getting back to "some sense" of "normal" I have been away from the blog world myself as we have been so busy, but I am getting back to it now. Take care and be well. blessings are with you.

Shalane Luff said...

I couldn't find a way to contact you other than to leave a comment. So sorry if this goes against your desired way of being asked this... I am an adopted looking for my birth mom. I have been searching for almost 10 years.
I was born in Pennsylvania where the Private Adoptions are near impossible to get around in finding your birth family. Please oh please, I will do anything to find my mom. I am a 27 year old recovering alcoholic, and now that my life is in order I want to find my mom and tell her I am not resentful and that all I want is to tell her I still feel connected and love her. Contact me via email at if you can help. Thank you so much, and sorry for cluttering up your blogspace!

Sincerely, Shalane Maretty Luff


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