Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MTVAA Is Back With Another Rockin' Guest!

I'm thrilled to announce we have beautiful Becky Fawcett joining us on MTVAA!!

Becky is a luxury lifestyle public relations and marketing specialist who owns her own New York based firm, The Fawcett Group. Prior to starting her own business in 1999 she was director of marketing for Philadelphia magazine. She holds a B.A. Degree from Franklin & Marshall College, 1992. In response to their own adoption experience, Becky and her husband Kipp founded in order to help couples/individuals overcome the financial hurdles they meet along the way to completing their own adoptions. Becky serves as executive director on a pro bono basis, writes her own blog An Infertile Blonde, gets the hiccups when she eats carrots, has a slight addiction to Sour Patch Kids, dreams of writing a book and lives in NYC with her husband, two children and a somewhat disrespectful dog who likes to sleep on the dining room table when no one is looking.

When? TONIGHT 9PM EST.. 6PM for our west coast besties!


How? Click on the log in box, create a chat name and VIOLA! You're in like Flynn!

OOOOOHHHHH, and did I mention there's gonna be a cool giveaway? Sneak Peek:


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