Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Prayer For JuneBug's Family

As some of you may recall, our darling JuneBug went to live with family members last May. In her mere 2 1/2 years of life, she has experienced more drama than most of us do in a lifetime. That little blue eyed pixie is a survivor and a trooper beyond comprehension.

She's my little hero.

Word has it they've hit a rough spot and I am asking for your prayers. This is a time when her family needs strength and peace to do what needs to be done to ensure her safety and well being. They are kind, tender hearted people and I know decisions they make on her behalf are going to create a firestorm. Although it seems very cut and dry, it's not. They don't want to upset anyone but it's all about JuneBug.. no one else.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as it is a very difficult time for all involved.


Kristin said...

Saying a prayer for Junebug's family!

Sheri said...

Consider it done...

Take care!


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