Thursday, May 27, 2010

My BirthMom Search & Other Disasters..

Are visions of Judy Blume dancing in your head? Okay, maybe not for you young whipper snappers but it was semi-clever to us older folk.. trust me..

So, about a month ago I bit the bullet and hired an investigator to try to track down my birth mother. The company specializes in my particular state of birth and came highly recommended. The search has been on (and off) going for the past decade with all "Search Angels" (the Internet friends that work for free) finally telling me my birth name is so common, it was just beyond their capabilities.


The company I contracted with actually sought me out last summer. Although by far the best deal yet (believe you me, I've checked and it's crazy pricey) I told them money was tight and to get back with me after the New Year. They did. I then said to check with me after tax time. They did. I finally justified shelling out the moolah and on the day I signed and faxed the contract I got a call.. telling me an investigator would be assigned to me soon and the ball would start to roll.. IN THREE WEEKS.

GAH.. Double Drat!!

In the meantime, in true Mel-Style, I attempted to stifle the grandiose daydreams of reunion, trying not to let my hopes get too high. Uh huh.. as if. I'm sorry but how could I not get a bit excited over the fact that maybe (just maybe) this could be it and I may finally get to meet her. Or send her a (long winded) letter (pouring my heart out). Or heck, just get a name for crying out loud. SOMETHING. My birthday is in June and I went so far as to thinking how cool it would be to dedicate an Adoption Angles show to the amazing progress our search had made. Or better yet, announce my birth mother had been found!! That's right people, I was officially living on Fantasy Island sans Mr. Roarke and Tattoo.

Insert popped bubble.

My investigator emailed right when they said she would and started off with, "You have a very common birth name and this could be a very difficult search..."

Dagnabbit.. not you, too!

She recently discovered there are two key questions that were not addressed in my non-id info and asked that I call the county and inquire. I quickly phoned and spoke with a lovely lady at Post Adoption Services. She agreed, the questions my investigator had were very good and should've been answered in my original non-id info letter. She took my contact information, advised me they were rather "back logged" and said someone would be back on touch with me ...


NO lie.

Our search is currently on hold until we get the answers we need (and definitely no big, celebratory birthday show is in the works). As a matter of fact, I still haven't made an effort to fill that guest spot and may just take that night off. I'll surely be a buzz kill (arms crossed, pouting)...

Patience.. so not my forte..


Lavender Luz said...

Oh, I'm hoping that one of those angels can work their magic for you.

May you have a fantastic birthday no matter what.

Sheri said...

I'm calling on all of your angels to help you not only find patience (right away, please), but to give you the information you need in less than three months time so you can get this thing rolling.

Kristin said...

How frustrating. I hope once you get the answers, there can be progress in the search.

Sugar said...

Uggg... that's gotta be tough news to hear.

I know when I'm ready to go after putting it off for so long that I naturally assume everyone else is raring to go now that I've said "go!"

And I totally got the Judy Blume ref. Guess I'm old. :)

Beth Ann said...


You're a 'hang-in-there' type of person even if it kills ya! Have faith girl! There is a plan for you. Gosh- maybe we shoulda searched together...LOL
Keep us posted!
Hugs from P.S.

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

Good luck with your search! came across your blog today and enjoyed reading it!!!

cloudmaster said...

I am so hoping the search ends as you wish, if not in your time.Good luck my friend, and God bless.


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