Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wazzup Tonight On MomTV's Adoption Angles!?

Tonight we have the beautiful and brilliant Tracy Hahn-Burkett!

She is a writer who often focuses on adoption and other topics inspired by her transracial, multicultural, interfaith, formed-by-adoption-and-biology family. A former Washington D.C.-based public-policy advocate, Tracy traded suits for blue jeans and fleece when she moved to New Hampshire, where she lives now with her husband and two children. She blogs at, has published more than two dozen essays, articles and reviews and she’s working on her first novel—when her kids let her.

Okay, I'm pretty much feeling like a slacker..

Our most excellent topic tonight? International adoption, blended biological and adoptive families.... I can't wait!!

Where can you find Tracy?
At her site:
Via email:
And Twitter: @THahnBurkett

A big THANK YOU to My Little Pony (check out their Facebook Page and make to sure to follow them on Twitter @mylittlepony!) for sponsoring the show!! We will be giving away a darling little pony to a lucky winner tonight!!

To win we have to know you're there.. How do you log in??? Piece of cake..

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