Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Note To Mama...

Dear Mama,

I wish I could send you a card, especially this year. You are always on my heart and now, with kiddos here at Christmas, you are missed even more. I didn't think that was possible ... but it is.

If a note could reach you I would tell you how special every child placed with us has been and that each would've stolen your heart. Especially our current little darlings. Lil Buddy is tender hearted and would've soaked your love up like a sponge. SweetPea looks just like me when I was little.. blue eyes, curly brown ringlets and all. Truth be told, she's way cuter but you were always rather prejudiced.. LOL.

The sweet memories you and Daddy created for me at Christmastime are flooding back in force. I don't know how you did it all. I wish you were here and we could reminisce. You hold the keys to my past and I feel they are slowly becoming lost forever. Our history is now but a few fading photos and a tape recording I found from my second Christmas. Yours and Daddy's voices transport me through time and space. A toddler repeating, "Oh no, not again!" and squealing over her new "atapilar" are all I have left.

But for that I am grateful.

My Christmas wish is that you know how much of an impact you made on my life. I will never be half the woman you were but will always strive to make you proud. Even though I was adopted, you loved me like I was a part of you... and I can still feel it.

Merry Christmas, Mama. I love you, too.


Kristin said...

Oh how beautiful! She sounds like a truly wonderful woman.

Mama Melissa said...

I hope to be that kind of Mom to my daughter always. This was a beautiful post. ... expecially liked the part where you said she treated you as if you were part of her. I am sure you were.



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