Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pink Eye & Sniffles & Ear Aches ~ Oh My!

Little SweetPea welcomed the week with a gooey eye and trip to the doctor's office. Lo and behold, early stages of an ear infection were setting in, as well. She was also super boogery. Poor Boo! The bright side? Our little-un is on the mend and should be good as gold for the family gatherings Friday and Saturday.

The tricky part? Keeping the rest of us healthy so Christmas festivities can go on as planned.

On top of all my usual scrambling, I have a mountain of toys that need to be wrapped. From the looks of things (ie: my lack of time management skills this holiday season) I'll be in the basement until the wee hours of Christmas morning (undoubtedly cursing Scotch tape and losing the scissors). Fear not, my friends.. Frank, Nat and Bing will be crooning the classics and my trusty wine glass will be close at hand.

... And I'll be loving every minute of it!

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