Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Buddy's Christmas Wish...

As I was preparing dinner last night (okay, that's a stretch.. Auntie MooMoo brought over homemade mmm mmm good chicken noodle soup and I was heating it up--are we spoiled or WHAT?!) Little Buddy came into the kitchen with a semi serious look-on. He gazed up at me with that cherub face of his and says,

"Mama, I really know what I want for Christmas this year.."

Bracing Myself

Moi: "What's that, darling?"
LB: "It's really important"
(Oh No)
Moi: "Okay"

I literally laughed out loud.

For any of you that know us or have read this blog for a while, you know not only do we have dogs.. we have a herd of them.

Moi: "Seriously"
LB: "Ya"
Moi: "Go tell DH"

Into the living room we go...

LB: "Daddy"
DH: "What?"
LB: "I want a puppy for Christmas"

More laughter ensues..

DH: "Buddy, I don't think that's going to happen.."
LB: "But I want one of my own"
DH: "I see.. well, why don't you pick one of ours.. there are plenty to choose from"

Our sweet little man happily chose Coco.. his favorite. Although still quite spunky, she is our 16 year old min pin that is blind and going deaf. Bless his heart!

For the record, the only thing remotely close to puppies under our tree will be pictures printed on a gift card next to a Target logo:

(No subliminal messages here, honey..)


Kristin said...

That is so sweet.

Bren said...

Wait...Does DH read the bolg every day? I think you might need to print it out and put it on his chair in the office so he sees it. Forget about subliminal!! Say it out loud, sistah! ;-)


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