Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sitting still hasn't been my forte here these last few weeks. I've got to keep moving moving... especially when I have the kids. I can't stop and think because if I do, reality sets in and it's way more than I can bear. Trust me, I have my private moments.. rage, hysterical sobbing, deep grief.. the works. That's normal and ok but again, in private.  They have seen our grief but not the really heavy stuff.

Today a dear friend and her son met up with us at a local splash park and the kids ran amuck. 

It was awesome. 

The boys got their spin on..

Then they got their splash on..

And a little princess learned that chivalry was not dead...

A big thank you to all the friends and family that continue to come by our side and walk through this with us.  We have a long road ahead but will heal one small step at a time.


Sunday said...

Great pics! You are all still in my thoughts and prayers.

Lavender Luz said...

Looks like a really fun (and cool!) day.

Play is good. I hope you are able to do some, as well.



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