Saturday, April 25, 2009

Starting Them Young..

Auntie Bren and Kadi will be happy to hear the kids are already hooked on Starbucks.


The Saturday before Easter I had to work. That morning DH, Auntie MooMoo, Uncle Kiwi, Jack and Jill piled into the car and headed over to a local high school where a church was putting on an egg hunt. It was freezing cold, starting to drizzle and the line to get in was literally was 3 miles long (or so the story goes). They put the kibosh on attending the hunt and went over to a park instead. After playing for some time, all were chilled to the bone and Auntie MooMoo had a great idea:


Of course, the kiddos didn't have coffee.. they got hot chocolate, a cookie the size of Jack's head and a scrumdilliumptious pastry. They call it "The Coffee Store" and are still talking about how good it smells inside. They want to know when we're going back. For the record, if they visit two more times they will officially have been to Starbucks one more than I have.

So wrong.

Personally, I would've taken them to 7-11 but that's just me. NOW I have to find a second job to afford their addiction and learn the language so I can go in and order with confidence. I wonder if Rosetta Stone has software for just such a dilemma..

Stay Tuned ..



Bren said...

MMMWWWAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! YES! Step one of the brain washing is complete!! It STARTS with the hot chocolate, then graduates to the Frappuccino Juice Blends, maybe a Tazo Tea....then it's STRAIGHT to the caffeine from there!!!

I KNEW I liked these kids!

Sheri said...

I think Starbucks' marketing strategy is brilliant!

Offer hot chocolate or "kiddy coffee" (as my 4-year old nephew calls it) for $1 each until they are hooked. Then reel them in with a $4.75 foo-foo coffee for the rest of their lives.

Absolutely brilliant!


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