Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Jack and Jill have been here for over 2 1/2 months now and one thing is for certain .. no two nights are ever the same. Although typically on their best behaviour and little darlings there are things that set them off. Total triggers (yes, they're being documented). Last week, for example, we had one humongous melt down (Jack, not me). It was bad. It was a rage that we likend to a purging but (thanks to our fantastic training by the county and follow up support) I recognized it for what it was and remained calm.

A feat in and of itself.

I was also very aware I was living a Super Nanny episode. No joke. For the record I would much rather sit and watch the show than lug a kicking and screeching 35 pounder onto a naughty chair for over an hour. Oh yeah, I wasn't too fond of all the toys and folded laundry thrown at me, either. Two things I learned that night: 1) Jo Jo's methods are spot on and 2) I am so out of shape it's not even funny.

Remember that big meeting I was dreading a couple weeks back? The one I hoped and prayed would get cancelled and it did due to a blizzard? It got rescheduled.. to tomorrow. DH cannot make it and I'm on my own. Prayers please!!

Did I mention my dad had a pacemaker implanted earlier this week (he's in a nursing home out of state)? I got a call tonight as we were wrapping up our soiree with three social workers that came a-callin' (a planned meeting) that he has been moving his arm around (just like he wasn't supposed to) and pulled a wire. He goes back in for surgery tomorrow.


It has been an exhausting week (and we're only half way through). The good news is we're keeping our noses above water level (thanks to Nantie!) and hey, I guess we can't complain about is being bored, right?




beth said...

I have been thinking & praying for you guys. I hope things go smoothly tomorrow and everything works out in Jack & Jill's best interests, but that you also have peace with whatever happens.

Seeker said...

i, too have you in my thoughts and prayers. i don't have top notch status in that department but every little bit helps...Right?

Auntie Moo said...

The best part about that meltdown though - first that Missy kept her cool and didn't let Jack see that he was getting to her; and also that after the meltdown was over, Jack picked up all the toys and laundry, and could tell Melissa WHY he'd been put into the naughty chair.

Progess comes in inches, and I'm very proud of the whole bunch of them!

Sheri said...

I remember my kids each having many temper tantrums growing up over bed times, nap times, toys, etc. so I really related to your post today.

The good thing is that it seemed there was some unwritten code that only one of them could do it at a time. That sounds all well and good until you realize that it offers the potential for tag-team temper tantrums...a sure way to make mom crazy.

As an adult, it's interesting to watch a tantrum because you really want it to end (especially if you are in a public place) and yet in a weird way you can see the beauty in being able to so openly show your emotions...and then you want it to end again.

Good luck in your meeting!

Lori said...

Here's to your continued channeling of JoJo.

Thinking of you during your meeting...

Rubi said...

Hoping all went well for you! Praying for you all-
Love from Bloggyland!

Kadi said...

They did not show the sleep technique Jo taught me while filming. It took almost 2 hours of sitting FROZEN in Ella's floor until she finally fell asleep( can you say major stiff legs?) Damn that Jo. She's a tough one but I love her. She does know her stuff!!

Lisa Mom of 2 Boys said...

Never a dull moment...hope your Dad is okay. My son has those moments toooo

Michelle said...

Prayers for you and your dad, and chins up!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Hang in there! I feel Super Nanny moments at our house too!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Prayers and hugs! You are doing great with your supernanny tactics too- stay strong!


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