Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who Da Thunk...

Looking back on the day we got "The Kinda Call" from the County about the twins, I smile. We were supposed to be down for only one child but our status had not been changed (five months earlier). We were still on the proverbial board for two children and honestly, DH was pretty peeved. Talk about not being listened to, right? Jack and Jill's placement with us was initially on an emergency basis as we were not sure we could handle them.

One of DH's concern was bonding with a little boy. A little girl would surely wrap him around her finger in no time.. but a boy? We were totally treading in unknown waters..

Unbeknownst to us the evening we met the kids at their relatives home (the night before they moved in) was like looking into a crystal ball. Jack was all over DH like white on rice. We had no doubt that of the two kiddos, he got the least amount of attention. And he craved it. Up until that point, there had been no Daddy figure to speak of.

Fast forward three months to the day of The Call...

The little boy that may not bond with DH is his little shadow. A 3 foot helper, he wants his hair combed like DH, drinks his milk to grow big like DH and just this week started calling him Daddy.

Insert melting heart here.

The change never being made to our status was not a fluke nor an accident. Jack and Jill were meant to be here.. be it for 10 months or a lifetime. We giggled last night over our previous concerns and the loss of sleep because of them.

Silly newbies.


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Denver Jen said...

That's such an amazing story. So meant to be!!


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