Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scenes From The Zoo

With the crazy that has become our lives, I totally spaced sharing some memories from our trip to the zoo a couple weeks back. Uncle JoeJoe, Auntie D and Princess A had flown in that very day and we met up with them, Auntie MooMoo and GramPapa for a wonderful afternoon.

Jack only knew Uncle JoeJoe through pictures and stories but was his biggest fan just the same. He was on Uncle J like white on rice. This shot was taken within moments of meeting..

Jack and Jill both love (and look up to) their totally cool cousin, Princess A.

Melissa who?..

There were cool tigers..

Nosy neighbors..

And boy howdy, was it hot..

It was a most excellent day!

Jack and Jill might return home but no one can take away our good times. No way, no how.

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Sheri said...

Great pictures...great memories!


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