Friday, September 18, 2009

First Day of (Pre)School

Our darling Little Mannie started school today (we believe for the first time). His schedule is packed with visits and various appointments and Fridays are the only day that works for both us and the school. We're stoked to have him attending the same (wonderful) school we had Jack and Jill in (who are still there, by the way--the family decided to let them stay).

When Nantie dropped him off this morning he was shy and just wanted to play with toys alone. Worried Mama Hen (aka-Moi) called an hour later and was relieved to hear he quickly came out of his shell and was participating with the other children.

Yay Mannie!

He was excited to start school and make new friends. He so needed to be around other children and we have no doubt he will blossom even more ...

Stay Tuned!


Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

Preschool was the best thing we ever did for our son. Helped with his language delay in a major way!

Sheri said...

Pre-school was good for my boys and for me. It was great for them to socialize with kids their own age and me to socialize with people my own age.

How does it feel to see Jack and Jill? Do they seem to be doing good?

Happy weekend!

Angela said...

Thats what I wondered.....have they (Jack and jill) seen you? have you seen them? what happened? sorry, Im nosey, but I have to know!! did they run up to you? do you think this is good or not good? do tell! =)


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