Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Livin' La Vida Loca..

.. Sans Ricky Martin, unfortunately.

Mannie and Sunshine have settled in nicely. He's no longer Mr. Manic Hyper (the anxiety is gone) .. just a normal, 3 1/2 year old spaz. They are both beautiful, loving children. We have had our share of rough nights with Mannie (up crying) and last night was no exception. It's the most heartbreaking wailing you've ever heard and he just has to cry it out. All we can do is rub his back and speak softly to him until it passes.

Although they came to us with the agreement it was a temporary emergency placement things have changed a bit. It's looking like the 4-6 week timeline could become longer as the "blips" needing to be ironed out aren't as insignificant as originally perceived. Investigations are stalling, people aren't checking out, etc.

Go figure.

If a plan isn't in motion to place them back with family within the intended time frame the county (knowing we took them in short term) would've started to look at transferring them to another foster home. There is concern we didn't get enough of a break after Jack and Jill left (remember, it was a whopping 4 days). Nantie, DH and I have discussed the situation and decided (as fragile as Mannie is) it would not be in their best interest to move them to another foster home. We honestly adore the kiddos and would be sick with worry. Now what kind of break would that be, anyway?? So, we very well may have them longer than initially expected.

Latest Lesson Learned: Even if the county truly thinks something will happen in a smooth and timely fashion know it so ain't gonna happen.


MJ said...

Melissa, I think it is great that you and your husband are willing to continue to provide a safe and loving home for these children. When my husband and I started fostering we joined a foster parent support group. One of the recomendations from a long time foster parent was if you know that children will be leaving your home, then go ahead and get on the placement list. She said that having another child will help you stay focused on what you love doing. Of course, you would not be replacing one child with another. Everyone grieves in a different way. This worked for us. Our first placements came to us at age 15 months and 2.5 months and we had them for 1 1/2 years. We did take a newborn placement before the boys left. It did help us. Another way I see it is if your goal is adoption one day. Then the more open you are with the belief that one day you will be blessed with a child(ren) to adopt. Every placement gives you that possibility. Since the boys left almost 2 years ago..we have adopted a sibling group of 4 and have had them for 1 1/2 years in our home. Good luck!

Carmen O. said...

Hey, Melissa. Just to encourage you with Mannie crying at night - my four yr old little boy does this too. Not as often anymore, but he's gong through several phases of nighttime disturbance for seemingly NO REASON whatsoever. Sometimes he'll wake and go into full-blown tantrum, even at 2am. Sometimes he'll wake and cry and cry. Sometimes he'll wake and be itchy and need itch lotion lathered all over even if I'm SURE there are not mosquito bites on every square inch of his body. We just ride it out. Thankfully the crying and tantruming are becoming things of the past (at night time anyway). :) As for the itching.....not so much. lol

Sheri said...

I hope for the best for you, your DH and the kids. It seems like you are all getting along great! Good for you.

Karen Hartzell, Graco said...

You knew putting the kids first again was the best thing to do. You are all awesome parents temp on loan or other wise. :-)

Sorry to hear about the tears at night. That has to be hard, but you all will pull him through it.



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