Saturday, September 12, 2009

Full House

As Friday was winding down at work, I was thinking how great it would be to have a relaxing, hang-out-at-the-house kinda weekend. The biggest event planned was a quickie hop over to the grocery store. That's it. Although a short work week (thanks to Labor Day) it was still insane.

I was baked.

My cell rang at around 3pm but I let it go to voicemail. Unless it's the county I try not to take too many personal calls. It was from my Auntie J in CA and I figured I would call her back on my drive home. Then she called at work and THAT meant something is up.

My heart flip flopped.

For all my readers that follow Kadi at WATI, my Auntie is her grandma (if you're keeping score, Kadi and I are 2nd cousins). My dear Uncle passed away a year ago this past February and Auntie just hasn't seemed to be able to completely get through the grief. After 40+ years of a solid, loving marriage, I don't know how it's done and we've all been concerned about her. Sometimes she seems fine and other times not so much. This is a woman of great faith that lives out loud and to see her wilt is almost unbearable.

SO.. Auntie says she is in a blue funk, needs to get away and asked if she could come out for a visit. Well OF COURSE! That's a big Duh George. I say, "When!?" and she says, "ASAP". Arrangements were made Friday night and she'll be here TODAY for 2 weeks.

Holy Cow!

This is totally out of the norm for Auntie (she's not a fly by the seat of her pants kinda lady) and never asks for help. I am grateful she feels she can reach out to us and pray this trip helps her regroup and feel better. I know she is going to adore Mannie and Sunshine and looking forward to spending time with our CO family.


This coming Thursday, Uncle JoeJoe and Auntie D (DH's younger brother and his lovely lady) are driving in from out of state for the weekend. DH's company contracts with the Cleveland Browns and he invited Uncle JoeJoe to assist when they fly into town for the football game. Next Saturday they will meet the team plane at the airport, unload equipment and set up at Mile High Stadium. On Sunday they will be on field pregame shagging punted balls for the kickers. During the game, they're to "look busy".. holding the coach's headset cord, picking up towels, etc. After the Broncos win they'll load back up and may even score a game ball. It's a chance of a lifetime and both DH and Uncle JoeJoe are beyond excited.

Bottom line: Our home is gonna be full and rockin'. At the end of the day it's all about family and it's as it should be.


moxiejava13 said...

Family times are priceless, sometimes exhausting but priceless none the less. Enjoy and take a breather here and there. Can't wait to hear how it all goes. BTW...awesome for your DH and his brother!!!

Karen Hartzell, Graco said...

Full houses are the best. Hope your Aunt gets what she needs to turn around the blues. Cute kidlets are probably the best cure for that. Enjoy!

cloudmaster said...

Familiy times....full houses....and for some reason I am stuck on "I was baked". Guess that what happens when you grew up in the sixties! Have a wonderful time with everyone!!!!

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Wow, all kinds of fun stuff happening for you!

I hope I didn't bring any bad poop mojo over here ROFL!

Sheri said...

You are right! It IS all about family!

Hang on for the ride!

Kadi said...

Take care of her :) I hope she has fun w/ you all!


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