Friday, November 27, 2009

Dad & Me Part 7

PART SEVEN!? Really? Holy cow.. I apologize for the longer posts but if I keep them short and sweet (like I normally try to) we'll be at this for-evah!

Moving on..

The Son wanted out of She Devil's home asap but also wanted to stay in the same town. What kid wants to move weeks before his/her senior year of high school? I didn't blame him a bit.

The Son's best friend lived with his grandma and the kids had been tight since the second grade. She said she adored him (and Dad) since they first met and was very nice. We became fast friends via phone calls and emails. Although her gut feeling was the living situation wasn't optimal there had been no proof and the subject was never broached. Completely appalled when let in on the true happenings, she wanted nothing more than to make The Son's senior year the best one ever. He would move in with them.. no ifs, ands or buts about it.

We devised a plan and our version of shock and awe commenced.

Early one Saturday morning several pickup trucks showed up unannounced at She Devil's apartment. The Son was adamant neither she nor Lazy Husband had a clue as he was afraid of some type of retaliation. With good reason. Husband was outraged and let everyone know it. Obviously seeing his meal ticket checking out the raving began (and didn't stop). On the Son's heels, he ranted and bullied about what an unappreciative, little weasel his young brother in law really was. After everything they had done for HIM, how dare he pull a disrespectful stunt like that..

Blah Blah Blah.

Surprisingly She Devil cried and helped him pack. It came off as her having an, "Ah HA!" moment. Had the realization finally kicked in that she hadn't taken proper care of her little brother? Was it regret or perfectly timed tears? Could someone be so heartless?

Final Answer: Hello? It's She Devil..

Although this was the beginning of a new chapter in The Son's life, the Do Over he dreamt of, there was now a chink in his armour. The hour of She Devil's tears and display of remorse (MIA for the past several years) rocked him. Maybe she hadn't been as bad as he made her out to be. Maybe he had blown things out of proportion.

The one promise I had made Dad was that justice would prevail. She Devil and Lazy Husband were going DOWN. I had the evidence.. the detective had the statements in hand and the bank even provided photos taken of She Devil at the ATM machines withdrawing cash. All I needed was The Son to tell his side. He was our sole, star witness. Slam Dunk, right?

Of course not...


Jeff said...

Oh, come on! I mean, where is Part Eight already?

Kristin said...

Oh no...I am so rooting for She Devil to go down in flames.

Bren said...



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