Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dad & Me Revisited Part 6

The Son's story sadly unfolded. He confirmed many things that Dad was able to communicate to us. She Devil had fallen on hard times and asked if she, the husband and her children could move in until they got on their feet. They promised to pay rent (much unlike the story I heard later--her family was told that Dad asked them to move in to assist him-rent free, of course).

Some other high (er, LOW) lights..

**Not only were they helping themselves to Dad's ATM, they also had The Son's social security checks put into their names (calling themselves "guardians"). They were just rolling in money, weren't they?

**The Son had not been to a doctor or dentist in two years (they didn't have time to take him).

**Although 17 1/2 he wasn't driving yet.. he didn't even has his learners permit(again, no time).

**They wouldn't take him to see Dad because, you guessed it, who has the time?

**They hadn't bought him new clothes in forever and school was just about to start.

They had moved out of Dad's house and into an apartment. The Son went along.. where else was he to go? I about fell out of my chair when he told me they put their young son in his own room but The Son (almost a legal adult) was rooming with their 8 year old DAUGHTER.. WHAAAAAATTT???

For the record he was not comfortable with that.

It was common for them to eat dinner before he got home (he swore he wasn't rolling in all that late) and just leave a note directing him to leftovers. Often they took off as a family and left him behind.

He was pretty much fending for himself.

The Son had nothing nice to say about She Devil's husband (making it sound like all the bad things they had done were his idea). I wasn't buying it but kept my opinions to myself. They let Dad's house go to H.E.Double.Hockey.Sticks (the inside was trashed and when something happened to the sprinkler system they wouldn't fix it--the once lush yard was overgrown and burned). It was a wreck and they didn't give a hoot.

That crushed The Son.. it was his childhood home. Oh and She Devil's also but it must not of held the same sentimental value. Not uncommon for the heartless..

I digress..

The more we talked the more comfortable he became. My heart softened and was mush as his story unraveled. Dad had mentioned me once or twice but I was pretty much a ghost of the past (ya, that reality continues to hurt, let me tell ya). He wanted out of their home and begged me to help him. I was totally on board and was going to do everything I could to make it happen.

I went home that night and retold the sad tale to DH. We decided that if that poor kid had no place to go, by golly, we would move him here. That's how you take care of family. You have their backs and are there when the chips are down (even if you've never laid eyes on them). Right? RIGHT?!

Um, no.. not always..


Kristin said...

OMG Melissa...you have me on the edge of my seat. Tell me more!

alicia said...

You're killin' me here! Normally, I will admit, if I tune into a blog with super long posts, I leave, I don't like too long of posts. But these! Come on! I have my cup of coffee and am ready to sit and read the entire story... like now! ;)
I can't imagine the emotions it must bring back for you though, so we will be patient and keep coming back for... "the rest of the story"

God Bless!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

You certainly know how to weave a story and keep us coming back for more!

On a heart level, I am so sorry that your family has been put through this wringer. I am praying for a peaceful end to all this.

Sheri said...

I'm stilling checking in to see what happens next...

You have a heart of gold, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.... don't leave it there... what's next?

Jeff said...

Wow. I can't wait, either. Awesome story!
If you're starting up a shelter for unwanted teens, please let us know. We know of one who has worn out his welcome every place he goes. Needs help badly but there's nothing anyone can do for him.


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