Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dad & Me Revisited Part 4

With the help of my Uncle and Auntie, I became Dad's Power of Attorney. Finally, we could bust into his accounts and get a clearer picture of what all was going down financially. The nursing home was chomping at the bit.. for the year he had been there he owed them over $40,000 and obviously that amount grew daily. The bank account should of been relatively untouched (except for the automatic house and car payments) with several thousand sitting in there. His pension and social security had been direct deposited that whole time. I had hopes of writing the facility a check to knock that balance down a bit. So what was the account balance? -$400

I almost threw up.

On top of adding online bill pay to cover all their incidentals, She Devil and her husband helped themselves to Dad's ATM card. What happens when you withdraw more than what's really in there? Penalties. There were pages and pages of overdraft penalties.

Mind you, Dad had been with this financial institution for roughly 50 years. I won't name names so we'll just call them Mel's Cargo. In those five decades of banking, the account was pristine and he did not ever bounce a check. Not once. So how on God's green earth could over one year's worth of overdraft continue to go on without any red flags? It was thousands of dollars in penalties. Why wasn't some type of freeze put on the account for investigation? How about even a phone call?? Their answer: It was DAD'S responsibility to monitor his account. Um, hello? Dumped at a nursing home, can't talk, can't walk, hasn't gotten mail in over a year. How, prey tell, was he supposed to do that?


They had no answer but still stood behind their policy.

Mel's Cargo & I went roundy-round. Undeterred, I still opened up a fraud investigation against She Devil and her hubby for elder abuse with the bank and the local police department. I poured over all the bills and paperwork and picked out everything that was not legit. The next few months was chock full of spending hours on hold, leaving messages that went unanswered and being bounced from one person to the next. Red tape galore. Still I held fast that justice would prevail. Why? Aside from the truth I had Dad's high school aged son on my team and he was going to help as a witness.

Or so I thought..


Auntie Moo said...

I still remember the PILES and PILES of papers and bills (and the few records that you were able to retrieve from his desk) that we went through . . . and I only went through the first batch of it with you!

You've been a wonderful daughter, Missy M, through a very hard time.

Lavender Luz said...

More, more.

(Or I'll pick your brain tonight, over that mojito!)

cheekyradish said...

It's not sounding any better at all.....let me guess, she got to the son?

Mom Of Many said...

I am new to your blog so I feel so of "naughty" (for lack of a better word) at reading the 4 part story of your dad....

But suffice it to say, I am so sorry. Every little girl wants a daddy...I'm sorry yours hurt you so. I look forward to reading the rest...

Blessings from Colorado,

Carmen O. said...

I'm sort of rivited, Melissa! And I don't know why only parts 2 and 4 have showed up in my dashboard. I went through and read the rest. Please keep writing and tell us the end of the story....

Kristin said...

What an unbelievable mess. I'm eagerly waiting for the rest of the story.

Jeff said...

I have an idea what's coming. Somebody's gonna play double agent. It really works. How clever of the enemy and it makes you feel stupid to fall for it, huh?
Overall, I've seen much worse happen. Question is, are you certain that there is any possible outcome that will make you feel your efforts to do the "right thing" were worth it? Do what feels best but don't be upset if and when you realize it is all for naught. After all, this is all the consequence of your father's actions and his karma is playing out. The outcome may be nothing more than another lesson in life about how to treat people. Thank you for sharing this lesson with the world, it is history and we study history to prevent it from happening again. If we are paying attention.
Love, Jeff

Barb said...

Reading your story. Sorry for all of this. :(

I have had run ins with Wells cargo as well, and they make me sooo angry. Big banks just don't care.


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