Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hiatus Highlights...

So, what-all happens when you're on break between kiddos? First and foremost, you catch up on sleep. In JuneBug's instance, I can count on one hand the times she slept the night through. You don't feel it while you're in the throws of the issues but once your little one has departed, exhaustion hits you like a Mack truck. 5 months of little to no slumber takes it's toll and sleep is still my bestie.

Big Time.

During hiatus we also cut loose and break away from the schedule. On weekends I stay up late catching up on all my DVR'd shows and eat we what we want, when we want. Take last weekend for example:

My Breakfast:

My Lunch:

My Dinner:

Chocotherapy? It works.. trust me..


Kristin said...

Chocotherapy sounds awesome. My fave cookies for sweets therapy are from Frank's Big Ones

Sheri said...

I see a theme of chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

It looks like a wonderfully delicious diet!

Glad you are enjoying your hiatus.


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