Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Raving Over Ravi ~ Instant Wine Chiller

The Ravi chills wine instantly as you pour, going from from room temperature to serving temperature in seconds! Remove your Ravi from the freezer, insert it in your bottle and pour. Wine passes through the frozen steel chamber inside into your glass, chilling your reds or whites to perfection. Don't worry, the chiller maintains the wine's characteristics and does not alter the taste. The finger tip-control air inlet helps you adjust serving temp and prevent dripping. It also can be used with your other favorite spirits, as well!

As a wine enthusiast, I love this very handy device.. it's an absolute must-have (and makes for a great gift, as well!).

Where can you find one?? Why, it's the first of many products at my OpenSky shop, as a matter of fact! It's only $40 and from now until August 16th shipping is FREE!! Zilch, Zip, NADA!!! Just plunk in the code: FREESHIPPING and it's.. let's say it again.. FREEEEE!!

Remember, not only are you buying an item I'm giving two thumbs up for, proceeds will be going to help build families at Parenthood For Me!!

Let The Shopping Begin!!


Kristin said...

That is incredibly cool!

DaisyGal said...

oooh, my sister would LOVE that :)


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