Saturday, August 21, 2010

Miss Harley Jo ~ Another Great Save!

This is the little 5 year old female that was on death row with only days left at the shelter. She had been surrendered because of barking complaints from neighbors. We were told she had gotten nippy with kiddos but they were bugging her to the point she finally gave them the what-for.

Min Pin Style

I was thrilled to discover she is crate trained (let me tell ya, a non trained dog in a crate makes for a looooong hour and a half transport.. no joke..). She was quiet and slept through most of the trip, undoubtedly relieved to be out of shelter with all the big, scary noises and smells. Harley Jo is sweet, sassy and cuddly and has the most beautiful soft, silky coat ev-er.

I transported our little Missy to her new foster home last night... her new mommy fell in love with her at first sight. She's just that darling, y'all!

SO, if you're in CO and looking to adopt a wonderful miniature pinscher companion, please go to IMPS CO and check out ALL of our darling babies (Harley Jo will be posted soon).

Not in CO and interested in a min pin? Do not fret, IMPS is a National Rescue.. go to our Dogs Available Page, find your state and fall in love.

You know what they say.. Min Pins are like Pringles.. you can't have just one..

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Kristin said...

She's a cutie and I'm glad you saved her but I am partial to big dogs.


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