Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nantie Has Left The Building..

For all of you newer readers, our fost-adopt journey started in 2007 with DH's Auntie coming to live with us shortly after our original certification. She had just moved back from out of state and the home she owned here in town was rented. A brilliant family member came up with the fantastic idea of her moving in with us, getting certified and helping with the kiddos. Doing transport to visits, watching them, etc. while we were at work. It was a perfect solution for all of us. She was a Nanny-Auntie..

Hence her blog name, "Nantie"..

Before JuneBug left a few months ago, it was decided that Nantie was going to retire from fostering and check some things off "The List". Some R&R, travel.. you name it. During Bug's time with us two people she adored passed away (one an expected loss, one completely unexpected .. both crushing). It was a wake up call that our time here is short and every single day a gift. She would continue to live here (of course!) but life was calling and there were adventures to be had.

Then, in walked Elvis.. (Nantie, I know you're giggling)

Out of the blue, she gets a phone call from a gentleman-friend she has known for years. Someone she has had a crush on from afar.. and he asks her out on a date. (Cue romantic music and hearts a-flutter). Since that call, it has been nothing short of a fairytale romance. They both are head over heels and completely inseparable.

Graceland (Elvis' home.. duh!) is about an hour away and Nantie (along with Miss Oreo-her darling Dal) are there pretty much full time now. For the first time in 2+ years, our home feels really big and empty.

And so quiet.

Nantie, I will miss our weekend coffee klatsch and the hours we spent chatting at the kitchen table. Please know you made a huge impact on the lives of Jack, Jill, Mannie, Sunshine, JuneBug.. me and DH. Thank you for putting up with all our crazy, loving the children with all your heart and being with us on this journey. In so many respects we could not of done it without you and we truly hope you know how much we love you. I believe with all my heart the timing of this is so not a coincidence and it's His plan. We couldn't be happier for you (and Elvis-still giggling) .. no one deserves this joy more than you.

Last but not least..

Thank you.. ThankYouVeryMuch! (sorry, I just couldn't help myself..)


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Kristin said...

What a sweet tribute to nantie. I love that she has found romance.


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