Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Rad 4 Day Weekend...

Unable to schedule a doctor and dentist appointment on the same day for both kiddos, I made them back to back and took Monday and Tuesday off. Both went well.. paperwork was done fairly quickly and I thank the Good Lord above the actual waiting didn't take too long at either office. Little Buddy was given specific direction and clear expectations of his behaviour and did a good job. SweetPea is nearly 2.. that pretty much speaks for itself. Considering how things could've gone down, she did really well.

On Monday after dropping the kids back off at day care and school, I had a few hours to myself. Sweet Relief. We've been on quite a roller coaster these past few months and some quiet-me-time was just what I needed. An afternoon to catch up on laundry, cleaning.. basically get our home in order. Regroup and recharge. Me, my dogs and the ironing board.


Tuesday we were off and running again. We got great news (Little Buddy has no cavities and SweetPea's toofers are excellent, too) and that set the tone for a wonderful drive back (no hemming and hawing from youknowwho about having to go back to school). He can be a real Negative Nelly sometimes. My afternoon was spent in meetings with social workers.


Not a vaycay to write home about. No poolside drinks with umbrellas or relaxing mani/pedis. But good therapy just the same.

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Kristin said...

Glad the appointment went smoothly.


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