Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RSV ~ Without The "P" ...

That's right, RSV is our latest plague. SweetPea was under the weather yesterday and I told the gals at daycare they might want to keep an eye on her. Not surprisingly, they called later in the afternoon and told me she had a fever. DH was at his local office here in town and was able to pick her up lickity split.

He took her to Urgent Care where they quickly discovered her oxygen levels were dangerously low and she tested positive for RSV. Unable to maintain proper oxygen off the machine, they transported her (non emergency) to the hospital by ambulance. Apparently, she dug the drive and charmed the EMT's.. DH said one of them was looking here and there for a teddy bear to give to her before he left.

Trust me, it doesn't take long to fall in love with this little darling.

DH earned a few new DadBadges.. she threw up on him 3-4 times in the waiting room while checking in. He made balloons out of gloves, assisted when she struggled, kept her feeling safe and as comfortable as possible. All things considered (being almost 2, feeling crummy, etc) she did really well.. and so did he. They got home about 8:00pm.

Today she is a bit better.. not as lethargic but still has a ferocious cough and labored breathing. The fever is down for now. We have to do a follow up doctor visit and pick up a script later today. Hopefully we can blaze through all that so I can get her home and rested.

Poor Little Boo.


Marsha said...

Oh, Melissa....thank God she's not still in the hospital. I have a dear friend whose 3 month old has been there for 10 days with RSV...and still looking at a few more because he ultimately had to be intubated! Keep an eye on her...RSV peaks on day four and then starts to come down. LOVE the elephant! Any word on that thing that was supposed to happen on the 10th?

Kristin said...

Poor kiddo and kudos to your husband for doing so well.

And so it goes said...

I'm a long time reader (infrequent commenter) and thought I would delurk as a part of ICLW.

Thanks for sharing your story. Foster parenting is something that I want to seriously explore sometime in the future and I appreciate having bloggers share their journey so honestly.


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