Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Ties That Bind...

A few weekends ago (before the RSV fiasco), we had a play date with Little Buddy's older 1/2 sibling. The boys have had a close relationship and let me tell ya, LB was over the moon excited to see him. SweetPea was just starting to get sick so she stayed at home. Their sib (I'll call him "Freckles") was recently adopted by one of his bio family members and they were there, as well (along with our social worker, of course). My intention was to hang out for a few minutes and take off to run errands... I didn't want to impose on their time together and these meetings can be awkward.

Shows what I know.. I ended up staying the entire time.

The family was absolutely lovely and we chatted like we've known each other for years. Much like when we met JuneBug's bio family, that feeling of familiarity and friendship was immediate. They are thrilled the kiddos are with us and pray we make it to adoption. There were tears and hugs.

Most importantly, the brothers got to hang out and play.

Since the beginning of this journey, we have said that we are absolutely open to keeping contact with bio family (or friends) that are healthy and appropriate. These relationships help heal and are about them, not us.

And this seems to be one of them.

Today LB and I are headed to a Cub Scout event that Freckle's troop is attending. They'll get to spend the better part of the day together and LB is thrilled. In my book, a great way to put a really rough week behind us.

And a tie we hope will remain intact...


Lavender Luz said...

Smiling. This is such a sweet post.


Penelope said...

Nice that you can keep that contact with bio family. We are not that fortunate.


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