Monday, July 25, 2011


Two weeks of summer school down, two to go.  Epic insanity.

In the midst of all the crazy there has been our recertification, the loss of a crucial social worker (we're still in the dark about that, by the by), CPR/First Aid recert, home visits and therapy for LB. Oh, and trying to maintain a normal schedule.. gotta eat, do homework and bathe..

And sleep.. keep forgetting that one..

Quite honestly, house is falling down around my ears. Laundry as high as the ceiling, carpets begging to be vacuumed and dust in the dreadful honesty of morning light. I admit, I spent most of last Saturday doing ME things (hair cut -- months overdue -- and the Emmy Gala that night) and Sunday should've been a catch up day.

Let me reiterate.. Should've..

Auntie MooMoo called.. Gramsie's Lake (a minute away) is having it's water pulled out. It's that time of year.. the farmers need it.. and it's starting to drop.  Did I mention it's bathwater warm? When nap time was over I packed up the kids and we played at the lake all afternoon.

Naughty me.

LB had an absolute blast.  Auntie Moo got him to float on his back and the boy that wasn't so sure about it all was doing cannon balls off the neighbor's dock before the day was over. Screaming with laughter, I might add. SweetPea was carried out into the water. She's not buying it and prefers to sit on the beach and pitch rocks or play with sand toys.  Our family is part fish.. she'll learn to love it eventually.

As the house continues to get away from me new memories are being made. I'm confident I'll catch up.  Like, when pumpkins are being carved .. or the halls are being decked. 

And I'm totally okay with that.

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Laci said...

I love this post! Good for you...and the kids!


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