Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Rough Start...

Not only did LittleBuddy's routine change dramatically because of summer school in the mornings, we had to temporarily switch day care, as well.  I found out (way last minute) that our current provider couldn't accommodate his 1/2 day schedule (although I checked back in spring before I signed him up and they were totally kosh about it).  Needless to say, on Monday I was pretty dang peeved.  And stressed.

Tuesday I was able to scramble and find another day care.

On top of it all, we're trying to get back into a school groove.  Tuesday night I knew in the back of my mind that I had started him too late on his homework and boy howdy was I right, it was ugly.  Really ugly.  Full blown melt downs, screams to the likes of, "I can't do this!" & "I quit!"..  sobbing, arguing, utter hysteria...

And he was in pretty bad shape, too.

Yesterday morning we sat down and discussed the previous nights' escapades.  He apologized profusely for his antics and I to him for starting us so late.  Together we devised a new plan.  As soon as we got home every evening, he would hit the books as I started dinner.  After dinner, we would finish up his work.  If there was time after bath, he could watch a little TV. 


Yesterday he started at the new day care.  All this time I've been stressing about how he would handle change.  It's not easy for most kids, but he can be super sensitive about it.  If you knew his past you would agree, rightfully so.  Routine is key in keeping him balanced.  First .. a new school/kids/teachers, now daycare.  Oy!  When I went to pick him up at the end of the day, the director pulled me aside.  She confided that he was absolutely perfect.. very polite, helpful and kind.  Oh, and there were at least 3 little girls following him around (completely in love).

That's my boy! 

We went to Barnes & Noble and picked out some new books.  He happily read to me all the way home.  Homework went off without a hitch and the night ended perfectly.. no fuss no muss.  I think we're getting it dialed in. 

I pray so, anyway.

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Kristin said...

How wonderful Mel!!


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