Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh How Times Have Changed


I used to think these pictures were snort out loud funny.. now, not so much..


Stella said...

I found you through Kadi and I really enjoy your blog! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and saying lots of prayers!

I have a picture of my child covered in balmex that resembles this post's picture. My husband was watching him while I was at church and I came home to almost this exact scene. Actually pretty funny in the moment of it all!

Kadi said...

No...not funny at all. Daniel and I were repainting our kitchen when the kids snuck a loaded paint brush into the family room and went to town. Luckily the missed the TV. We would only have six kids, if they had painted Daniel's prized possesion.
BTW: Ella just saw your pic on the side bar and said, "Melissa has crazy hair! Can she still be my mommy?"


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