Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Warning (Completely Off Topic..)

If you ever meet up with your best girl friend at, say Sam's Club, and are shoving food down your gullet because you're so starved you can hardly see straight, be very wary if she is "fiddling with her new phone". No, she isn't inputting numbers or learning how to use it... she is taking horrid shots with her newly discovered camera option. Unsuspecting, innocent little moi had no idea until the tears rolling down cheeks gave her away (yes, we're easily amused.. especially at each other's expense).

She threatened to somehow get it on the web so I beat her to the punch. Neener neener.

1 comment:

Kadi said...

Ha! That sucks. My husband has taken some great shots of me sleeping, eating, bending over on the toilet. Paybacks are a you know what!


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