Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dad & Me ~ Part 1

I briefly mentioned my father in an earlier post but wanted to take a moment to write about our experience. He and Mama split early in 1987 (my senior year of high school) and a nasty divorce ensued. After 30 years of marriage, he pulled a big, fat mid life crisis. At the age of 58 he took up with a 28 year old woman... a real mess to put it nicely. He went from being a penny pincher family man to a wild partier that eventually ended up losing a new house (it got foreclosed on) and cars he purchased after he left us. He insisted I give his new wife a chance and my response was a quick, "Hell to the NO!" I was aligned with my poor Mom that was left reeling.

Time passed and old wounds healed. As bad as things ended between my parents, he was still my Daddy. He was the guy that loved to take me to Disneyland every year, played endless hours of catch with me in the street, taught me to drive and play tennis. Although we couldn't afford a horse, I did have weekly riding lessons and to this day I still love the smell of a stable. I just wanted a chance to tell him no matter what, I love him and forgive him. I can't point a finger or be the first to cast that stone.. I've done some rotten things in my little life, as well.

After Mama passed away, I tried on and off throughout the years to find him and spent bucko bucks with online services. One "found" him at an address in Grass Valley, CA so I sent a letter and a wedding picture. 2 weeks later, I got a really nice note back (picture included) from a total stranger telling me she wished me luck in my search but she had never heard of Dad..

In May of 2007 I got a letter in the mail from the County of Riverside (in CA) asking if I knew who Vern Vette was and, if so, to contact them immediately. HotDiggityDog! I called and his sad story unfolded...

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