Thursday, July 31, 2008

Miss Cranky Pants..

Ever had one of those weeks that drags on and on feels like it'll never end? Awoke on a Thursday that reeeallly felt like it should be Friday? Yeah, me too.. and that was today, as a matter of fact. What's feeding into my crabitude is that it's hot as Hades here in Colorado (we've broken some stupid record held since 1901 of being over 90 degrees for over 20 days in a row.. still more to come=100 on Friday and possibly some relief next Tuesday.. oy!). You would think it's summer or something.. Jeez Louise..

I'm looking forward to 2 days off in a row, getting caught up on housework and hacking up the golf course on Saturday evening with my Kiwi, Sissy in Law and DH . 9 holes of seriously bad golfing (on my part), fresh air and exercise (followed by a couple cold beers and greasy spoon Mexican food) will hopefully cure my funk.

Fingers Crossed..

I pray that J does not call and change that appointment we have set up for next week. If she does, Miss Cranky Pants may not be as nice as she was the first 3 times she rescheduled.


Anonymous said...

The heat is making me Mrs. Cranky Pants too! Today I got so desperate that I actually hauled everyone to Water World and tried to pretend we were at the beach instead of baking on concrete....

Melissa said...

Oh man, that sounds like Heaven!

It's going to be another scorcher tomorrow, too... blah! I told Matt I want to rent the bar cart for golf..

Stay Cool!!! :o)

Lori said...

Aaack. I love the heat, but THIS is getting ridiculous.

I hope to meet you soon. Sounds like we have a lot in common -- I once had a minpin, too.

Hope J comes through this time.

Melissa said...

I hope to meet up with ya'll soon, too! I'm not sure if I can make the soiree in Aug.. I still have a few things up in the air.

If you ever get the hankerin' to come back over to the dark side and adopt a min pin, give me a holler! ;o)


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