Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh For Cryin' Out Loud..

I had a message at work that "J" (our latest social worker) called. We are scheduled to have her meet us at the house tomorrow night and iron out more details. I called her right back and got her voicemail.. tag, you're it.

An hour went by and my silly little mind began to spin. How cool would it be if she had a possible placement for us on our anniversary? Holy cow!! Just as my heart rate started to race over the possibility of it being "the call", we heard the breaking news about the earthquake in CA. That sent the morning in a new direction, trying to call family and friends to check in. All phone lines were down but I was able to text message with my Bren. She was fine. Dad was fine. I finally got through to my cousin, Phyllis who lives with Aunt Jan.. they were okay, too. Kadi's cell wasn't working but I got her via email (go figure!).. LOL. Thank the Good Lord everyone was safe.

J finally called back and all she wanted to do was postpone our meeting (again) until next week. They pushed us to get certification done because the need is so huge for good homes but now it seems like major limbo time. I know they're swamped and understaffed.. but you can't blame a girl for being anxious.

Waiting.. one of my strong points (AH HA!).


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Amber said...

I understand! I promise....hang in there. :^)


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