Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Glass of Wine and Tivo'd JoJo

My husband is out of town for a few nights on business and it's just me, myself and I (oh yeah, and the herd of 6 dogs). With our big home check just barely 2 days away, I should be running around frantic trying to get my checklist of all the other checklists done but hello? That would be far too organized and grown up of me. Instead, I'm going to relax, get caught up on all my Super Nanny episodes and enjoy an nice glass of wine. Ahhh.. a perfect night.

We've been watching Nanny Jo since the first episode and I was hooked from the get go. My thought at the time was, "Why not learn her amazing techniques now so when we have kiddos of our own we get it right the first time!" Good in theory.. not so good when you realize your husband is seeing beyond the great accomplishments that are made and totally focusing on the screaming, hitting, cursing, throwing, biting little imps and the misery and hell they created. He winced, guffawed, gawked and would say things under his breath like, "Are you kidding me? No $%@& way!" It suddenly hit me.. me the girl with the clock ticking so loudly everyone in the room could hear.. my favorite show that was going to make us the best parents ever had the potential to turn into BIRTH CONTROL and could potentially sabotage my baby makin' plans!! Noooo! I started to Tivo it and watch it on my time.

After all the SN episodes I've absorbed come to find out, many of the techniques for disciplining foster children are somewhat different. For example, instead of sending a child off to time out, their punishment for bad behaviour is helping you do dishes or another task that assists you. Instead of sending them away by themselves they are forced to interact with you and that helps with bonding.

Funny side note.. I was walking past the family room last week where DH was watching TV. I heard a distinct voice talking about what to do when the child, "Kicks Off".. I stopped in my tracks turned around and said, "You're watching Jo!!" He immediately fumbled with the remote and said, "No No.. I was flipping through my recorded UFC shows and this came on."

Uh huh.

All that being said, I still love my SN and am off to pour my glass and catch up on my shows. This is my calm before the storm..

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