Saturday, June 28, 2008

T-Minus 5 Hours..

THE PLAN: Get up an hour early to allow time to sip coffee and clear my little head in the quiet of the morning. I wanted to go over my notes and checklists to make sure nothing has gone undone (and if it has, there's time to rectify the situation).

THE REALITY: Apparently, Cassie (our dobe) didn't receive my memo and decided it's time for their morning to start, as well. The min pins agreed and the chorus began. Ahh.. I swear it's times like this (and at 2am when they wake me to go potty outside--which happens more often than not) our dear pooches are training me for Mommy Hood. Oh well.. no time to relax, anyway..

DH was thrilled to hear his laundry list of things to do this morning .. He is such a good bathroom scrubber that he got the job once again. Lucky duck! I have to run over to the in laws and use their copier (they live all of 30 seconds from us.. it's no biggie) and get on with the big house clean. Why I drank so much coffee is beyond me (the nerves have kicked in) but I think I'll get it all done in record time.

You know that nervous, butterfly-in-the-tummy feeling? They're morphing into birds. There's less calm before the storm now (the positive side is at least I'm not in Sheer Panic Mode yet!).

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Kadi said...

I am praying that the birds in your tummy don't turn into Pterodactyls! God is on your side. This is just a step in your journey!! Take it with the confidence that God is with you...all the way :)


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