Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday.. Woo Hoo!!

For some odd reason, this week drug on and on and I'm thrilled it's finally Friday! I am totally behind on EVERYTHING Christmas (including our cards.. that will get done tomorrow.. I know I know.. don't even start).

We usually go all out on gifts but this year is so tight budget-wise that Missy and I are baking most of the presents. The upside is we save money. The downside is we'll have cavities and be 2 sizes larger by New Years. Oh well.. I'm over it! She's coming over tomorrow morning and we're doing our annual cookie/peanut brittle/carmel corn/brownie baking fest. The husbands can't golf due to frigid weather so we're sending them to the movies (because they hover and scarf).

Nothing new to report in Fost/AdoptLand. Same-o silent phone.

The other exciting news is that Missy and My Kiwi are going to puppy sit two of the little black and tan males for our rescue group this next week. They will surely be a handful.. God made them cute for a reason!



cloudmaster said...

I happen to love hovering and scarfing. It is something my wife tells me I do very well!

Melissa said...

AH HA!! Isn't it great to be good at something you love???



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