Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Funday

Over the last week Missy and My Kiwi puppy-sat for our min pin rescue. His name is Tonka and he's an absolute doll. A handful, yes, but a doll nonetheless.

The Good Lord made puppies adorable for a reason!

Like a baby, he was up every few hours to potty (or play). This little man has a big bark/shriek when required. He gets along wonderfully with all dogs big and small (from our dobe, to the cairn terriers, the poo-mixes, Nantie's Dalmatian and our 3 pinheads). At the end of the day in typical miniature pinscher fashion (when he's all tuckered out) Tonka finds a warm blankie, a welcoming lap and is out for the count. He's going to make someone an excellent companion.

Missy and MK were headed to Denver this morning and dropped him off with us. His real foster mom is set to arrive home from Chicago today and is our charge in the meantime. Here's a little bit of fun our Rusty, senior foster girl Coco and little Tonka had this morning:

Aren't they cute?!

These distractions have been really good for me. I've tried to keep myself busy and my mind off the silent phone. I wandered into the extra bedroom this morning and lamented over it's bland, white walls and stark, old furniture. It's impossible to decorate when you've chosen an age range of 3 months to 5 years old. I could really use some retail therapy right about now.

I know, I know.. must remember the "P" word (patience). So today I'll play with the puppy and the rest of our Motley Crew and focus on the good: Puppy breath, silly pounces, little shark teeth, et al.



happymommy3 said...

Those pups are absolutely adorable. We have a chocolate lab and she is the best. I really want a small pup but I have had such bad luck with dogs (not being well behaved) and I am afraid to take on another animal and the pup not behaving.

Maybe when we have a house of our own and a yard. I also really want a Great Dane, definitely need to wait to we are out of our apartment for one of those big dogs. LOL! Hopefully I will be able to find a Great Dane rescue where ever we end up moving to. Now we have one about 4 hours away.

Lindsay said...

Hello Melissa : ) I found your site through entrecard and thought I would stop to say hi!

My Grandparents actually live in Colorado and I am sorta from there. Well I was born there but then moved because my dad was in the Army. My dads side of the family live in Colorado Springs.

To your comment above I actually have a Great Dane and she is fabulous! I would recommend not having one in an apartment of course : ) She is big but a lap dog and so lovable!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Ann said...

Melissa, thank you so much for stopping by my little blog world.

Wow! You are really going through a trial of patience. This exercise will come in handy when a little person enters your life. It's all going to work out wonderfully! You'll see :->

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Oh, how cute! My hubby's parents used to raise Cairn Terriers years ago, so he has fond memories of them. I had a doberman growing up that I could get to 'smile'...heh, heh! Your post makes me even more excited for the arrival of our new puppy in...19 days! We currently have a 3 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier who will be getting a Blue Merle Sheltie as a brother...(grin!) Not looking forward to the sleepless nights as I'll be taking him out every few hours until he's potty trained, but it'll be worth it! ;)

Thanks for sharing the cuties! I'm enjoying your blog immensely! :)

Bren said...

Oh Honey, it's N-E-V-E-R too early to start shopping and decorating that room. Think of the DEALS you can find.

You can go garage sale shopping and find priceless treasures for next to nothing (or are you hell bent on only new stuff?). You can cruise around the antique stores in CO and WY for the perfect cradle or crib. You can paint 16 swatches of color on the wall and drive DH CRAZY making up your mind!

I think you should go for it, my PATIENT, loving friend.

Wouldn't it be better than staring at bland, white walls and stark, old furniture?


Jen said...

They are adorable. And yes, god made puppies and babies cute...he made them cute so we don't toss them out the window. They stay cute until they are too big to hoist out said window.


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