Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mama's Bargains

This post was written under the influence of NyQuil. I apologize if it's discombobulated and nonsensical. If you don't see any difference well then never mind..

Now, back to our regularly scheduled ramblings..
Mama was frugal as the day is long. I might add, she was dang proud of it. If anyone thinks I'm over the top when I find a great bargain (think wine glasses) you never met my mother.

With our Christmas lights on outside and the holiday spirit creeping in Mama comes to mind. She absolutely loved this time of year. Reason One: Baby Jesus was the Reason for the Season and Number Two: Bargains Galore. You never saw a 4'11" red head happier than she was ravaging a 50% off rack.

She had several shopping vices but buying clothes was, by far, her biggest infraction. Her secret weapon? She could sew like a mad woman. As tiny was she was, she could find things in sizes too big and tailor them to her eensie frame. When she passed away, she had 2 walk in closets full of the finest clothes (all proudly purchased at bargain basement prices).

One of her big thrills was leaving the price tags ON her Christmas presents. Once unwrapped, she would announce the actual price then make you look at what she actually got it for. I kid you not.

I love my Mama and my memories are precious. I laugh at all the things she did that drove me nuts (that I catch myself doing now) but PLEASE stop me if I ever go that far..


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