Sunday, September 7, 2008

Girl Obsessed (Completely OT)

A while back I wrote about the wonderful trip to Napa we took with Missy and My Kiwi last Spring. While there, we had a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a (FREE!) wine tasting at Caldwell Vineyard. While classy and eloquent, our wonderful Sommelier (Barbara) was also real and down to earth. As we volatized, sniffed and got edumacated on the finer points of wine tasting and making we were also given a stern warning,

"DO NOT purchase wine glasses at ANY of the wine stores or wineries in the valley.. if you want to find some like these, go to Target!"

(Now that right there is my kind of girl!)

When we arrived home, I was on a mission to find the perfect set of wine glasses. After spending a long weekend in the wine country, I had grown to love the similar styles the tasting rooms and restaurants all used. They had to have larger bowls (for swirling.. not sloshing) and strong, long stems. They were simple, yet elegant. I was confident I would know them as soon as I saw them.

Of course, my first trip was to Tarzhay. The prices were way better than the stores in Napa (duh) but the glasses weren't right. Too short and stocky. Dagnabbit! Disappointed, I left empty handed.. and that alone speaks volumes. I normally would have done some aisle wandering-therapy-shopping to lift my spirits but I was so dejected I went home. Insert sad face here.

My little quest took over a month (no joke!). Where did I finally find them, you ask? At Walmart? No. Kmart? Nope. Kohl's? Negative. Bed Bath & Beyond? No way, Jose. Macy's? Oh heck no! It was at.. drum roll, please.. the Dollar Store (I kid you not!).

I stopped by after work on a whim that fateful Friday evening. On the bottom shelf of the glassware aisle I struck gold. THEY WERE PERFECT! When my discovery was realized I was on my hands and knees (eeewwiiee, it's not the cleanest place, let me tell ya) digging them out from the back of the shelf. People scooted by quickly, grabbing their children as they passed.. I was the crazy lady saying, "WooHoo!" to no one in particular (and carrying on other self congratulating conversations with myself) as I loaded the micro buggy up to it's brim.

I cleaned the place out.

Not only did I purchase a set of 16 for myself, I also bought a matching set for Missy and MK. What can I say? I'm a giver.

The wine glass story doesn't end there. A month later I was in Southern California visiting family and we threw a girls only wine tasting night at Auntie's. Upon hearing of my great find she and I were off to her Dollar Store to see if lightning might strike twice. Sure enough, on yet another Friday night there I was on my hands and knees, digging out the identical cob-webby, dusty wine glasses off the bottom shelf.

My dear Auntie is now the proud owner of a matching set, as well.

What's the moral of the story? Well, there is none.. other than the fact I have a need to tell everyone I happend upon a fantastic find. DH doesn't get it, why must it be known our lovely wine glasses were a mere dollar? I smile and remind him,

"It's a girl thing.."


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