Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting and Reflecting

Much to my surprise our phone has remained silent this week. Sarcastic? Moi? Color me guilty. After my little To Do with J, it's not a shocker.

I've been told by several people that have gone through the process that it's easy to lose steam between calls. They weren't kidding. You start second guessing yourself and the joy fades off as life grinds on. It's a weird limbo and hard to stay enthused.

I continue to fill this void by devouring books and blogs. There are so many wonderful writers out there.. such talent and passion! I can say we've both gotten quite an edumacation thus far and I'm slowly turning into the Cliffy Claven of the fost/adopt world. Just ask me.. (Ah HA!).

My mood these past few days has been a direct reflection of our weather. Stormy, rainy and gray. I could easily be persuaded to curl up under the comforter and stay there all day. It's total sleeping weather and so wrong to have to get up and go..

This coming Tuesday evening is the monthly pot luck/discussion held by The County. I'm hoping being there with the other families and seeing the kiddos rejuvenates my little soul.

Some blue skies and a rainbow sure would be nice right about now..



Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

I can't even imagine what it is like waiting.

I'd send you blue skies and rainbows if I could...

Take care!

Stella said...

It's so hard waiting for something. Staying positive and excited can be daunting!!

Sending some sunshine your way!

Lori said...

The Cliff Claven comment made me smile.

I've been feeling gray, too. Nice to see the sun today.

Did it make your phone ring?


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